I am a science communicator based in Cambridge, I am working for The Naked Scientists recording and writing up a weekly kitchen science segment, presenting radio shows and podcasts, answering live science questions, and programming the website. Due to the sucess of the kitchen science segment Chris Smith and I wrote, and I illustrated, a book of science experiments called Crisp Packet Fireworks.

I have been a member of CHaOS (Cambridge Hands On Science), a student group takings science experiments into schools, town halls and festivals since I was an undergraduate. I founded the CHaOS Science Roadshow in 2002 and have built a wide variety of educational demonstrations for CHaOS in this time. I am also now involved in a project to build a science centre in Cambridge which surprisingly doesn't have one

Fire Piston

Gherkinator Particle tracks

I do live science shows for The Naked Scientists, CHaOS, the Cambridge Science Festival, and off my own bat, and have built various demonstrations for these, the Naked Scientists, and various science centres.

When I was supposed to be finishing a PhD I wrote a series of educational computer simulations of various bits of science (gravity, osmosis, forces etc) which you may find interesting.